Aldi Satya Mahendra Undergoes Fisio-Gym, eSport MotoGP Session and Flat Track Training at VR46 Motor Ranch Tavullia, Italy


The young Yamaha Indonesia coached rider Aldi Satya Mahendra began to undergo various activities in the 11th edition of the Yamaha VR46 Master Camp event.

Besides Aldi Satya Mahendra who is 15 years old, the other Yamaha VR46 Master Camp students include: Passkon Sanluang (aged 19) and Worapot Thongdonmaun (aged 19) both are from Thailand, then Md Aliff Danial Bin Muhammad Asri (aged 18) from Malaysia, and Maike Abe (aged 18) from Japan.

After all gathered in Italy (6 June 2022), the first day of activities began with a medical check-up at the Misano Italian MotoGP Circuit and continued with a meeting at the Hotel Europea Monetti in Cattolica with VR46 staffs who provided information regarding general explanation and kit delivery.

This includes various preparations and activities that will be carried out during the Yamaha VR46 Master Camp for the next 6 days. After that, in the evening it continued with the closing session by having dinner together at 20.00 of Italian time.

“The activities on the first day of the Master Camp we did the gym, flat track training and playing MotoGP video games. On the second day of the Master Camp, we did a flat track and played MotoGP video games again, and played Motocross. In this two-day activity I met MotoGP and Moto3 riders, as well as met Valentino Rossi. We also discussed with coach Marcobelli who was the coach during the flat track yesterday. And after passing these two days, I also received technical lessons and how to ride a motorbike on the flat track,” said Aldi Satya Mahendra.

Then for the activities on the day 2, they underwent training for about 2 hours at Campo Scuoala. In this case, practicing Fisio Gym with Andrea Migno, a Moto3 rider who is part of the VR46 Riders Academy, including doing pilates exercises. After lunch, they then headed to the VR46 Motor Ranch flat track circuit in Tavullia.

Here they first conducted an e Sport MotoGP Session which aimed to improve their racing skills. In this context, it was carried out from 14.00-15.30. In this session, they trained directly with Lorenzo Daretti who is also the e-Sport MotoGP 2022 champion.

After that, doing Full Track Training from 16.00-18.30 which was trained by special mentor Marco Belli who is very experienced because he has won flat track champions in England, Europe and America.

They played flat track with a Yamaha special engine bike. This is very important because it relates to motor control and train reflex style, including endurance and physical stamina. Of course, many lessons were learned in this activity and it is certain to further improve racing skills. At 7 pm the event was over and they returned to the Hotel Europea Monetti. Of course, Aldi Satya Mahendra gained a lot of knowledge, physical training and racing techniques. This activity will be very useful for his racing career journey at the international level.

“I had never tried Pilates before. I like a particular movement for my back that was really helpful. I’m very happy because I have learned many new stretching exercises that I will also keep doing when I’m in Indonesia. I’m so proud to train where the professional riders of the VR46 Riders Academy also train,” explained Aldi Satya Mahendra.

“Yesterday was my first experience on a flat track. It was a lot of fun. I learned how to ride on flat track, to understand its layout, and to keep the correct body position on the bike. I hope to do better,” added Aldi Satya Mahendra.