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Aldi Satya Mahendra Wins Twice AP250 Podium at ARRC Sepang and 2nd Standing Points, Galang Hendra Finishes 7th in 2 SS600 Races


Semakin Di Depan fighter, Aldi Satya Mahendra, 16-year-old, showed his special talent in the Asia Production 250 (AP250) Asia Road Racing Championship 2022 (ARRC 2022) racing competition at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, last week (8-9 October 2022).

He has won the 2nd podium in the first race and the 3rd podium in the second race. During the first free practice FP1, FP2 and FP3, he focused on setting of the suspension for his Yamaha YZF-R25 bike. As a result, he got 7th position with the best time of 2 minutes 27.737 seconds by the combination of the three FPs.

AP250 Class

In connection with AP250 race which has entered the 4th series, Aldi Satya Mahendra, who started the race from the 4th starting grid with a best time of 2 minutes 27.121 seconds, was consistently in the front row. He even led the race several times before finishing the race in 2nd place with a gap of 0.273 seconds.

Aldi Satya Mahendra is currently in 2nd position (96 points) in the AP250 standings. achievement that should be appreciated because of the opportunity and potential to win the overall championship in the final series of ARRC 2022 in Buriram, he will be in wide-open at Thailand in mid-November with a difference of 25 points with the leader of the standings.

His teammate, Anggi Setiawan from Palu, Central Sulawesi also showed significant results, who started from the 5th grid, he was finished 5th in the first race and finished 4th in the second race. Currently, Anggi Setiawan is in the top 10 (57 points) in the AP250 standing points.

SS600 Class

On the other hand, in the Supersports 600 (SS600) class, Galang Hendra Pratama, riding a Yamaha YZF-R6, finished 7th in two races that took 10 laps each. The result was quite good because both races were dry condition, 4 position up from rain qualify of 11th position result.

Meanwhile, his teammate M Faerozi could not finish the competition in the first race and he was in 10th place in the second race.

M Faerozi was in 9th place in the qualifying round by realizing the best rap time at the last lap (11). Regarding the position in the standings, Galang Hendra Pratama and M Faerozi are in the 8th position (73 points) and 14th (21 points) respectively.

There is still one more Race in Buriram, Thailand on 18-20 November. There are still opportunities for the Semakin Di Depan Fighters of the Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) team to add more points and increase their positions in standing points.

We ask for supports and prayers of the Indonesian people so that Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) riders can consistently win the best achievements until the Indonesia national flag is waving in the international racing event. Keep it up Semakin Di Depan Fighters.

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