Aldi Satya Mahendra (Yamaha Aben Racing) Gets the Highest Points in the 2nd Series of the Oneprix 2022 National Championship in Tasikmalaya


Aldi Satya Mahendra won the highest points in the Expert class (OP1) in the 2nd series of the Oneprix 2022  Indonesia Motorprix Championship at Bukit Peusar Circuit, Tasikmalaya, West Java on Sunday (July 24, 2022).

This Aben Racing Yamaha rider won the champion podium in the second race and runner-up in the first race. Aldi managed to win a total of 45 points and was in first place in the second series of OP1 Oneprix points.

Starting Grid 13, Finishes Position 1

Despite starting the race from the 13th starting grid, Aldi was able to compete with his opponents. In the first race, Aldi was in the middle row because of the incident that happened in front of him.

Aldi Satya Mahendra proved his racing skills that were above average and was able to go through dry & wet track conditions in the first and second races. Included in the second race, he was able to cut Reynaldi Pradana (GMP29 HDS Racing) on ​​the last lap. It happened when it was drizzling on the area and a few more turns to reach the finish line. Aldi Satya Mahendra and Reynaldi Pradana, both placed 1st and 2nd in total points in 2 races of OP1 and they were escorted by mechanics Leon Chandra ‘Racetech’ and Hawadis ‘HDS Racing’, respectively.

The performance of the Yamaha MX King proved to be unmatched in the Oneprix 2022 Tasikmalaya National Championship. Various layouts of the Bukit Peusar Circuit whose contours go up and down are easily traversed by the MX King whose power and torque are guaranteed to be special. All podiums up to the top 5 Expert (OP1) rows were dominated by the Yamaha racing team.