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Final Series Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 Sentul to be Held on 17-18 September


The final round of the prestigious Motor Sports special racing event titled IDEMITSU bLU cRU YAMAHA SUNDAY RACE 2022 is ready to be held at the Sentul International Circuit, Bogor this weekend (17-18 September 2022).

After undergoing the previous two rounds in June and August, in the end the community riders or professional riders entered the final round in the struggle for the overall champion for the various classes contested.

Race Class

The classes contested are Superstock up to 1000cc, then R25 Pro Rider, R25 Super Comm Pro Rider, R25 Comm Pro Rider, R25 Comm A, R25 Comm B, R15 Pro Rider, R15 Idemitsu Junior Pro, R15 Comm Pro, R15 Comm A, R15 Comm B and R15 Comm B Beginner.

The implementation of the IDEMITSU bLU cRU YAMAHA SUNDAY RACE 2022 is proof of the consistency of the Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) manufacturer in presenting Motor Sport racing and this has been going on since 2015.

Enlivened by the Best Riders in Indonesia

Very tight competition in the fight for the overall champion will be the special attraction. No one has confirmed the overall champion for the R25 Pro or R15 Pro classes, which are followed by the best national riders in Indonesia. Potential and opportunities are still open. They will try to go all out to achieve the best among them who are ready to take part are Galang Hendra Pratama, Wahyu Nugroho, Aldi Satya Mahendra, Rey Ratukore, Anggi Setiawan, Aditya Fauzi, Gupita Kresna, Wahyu Aji Trilaksana, Alfi Husni, Wawan Wello, Iksan Lala, M Gilang, Abdul Gofar, Nicky Hayden and other riders.

Including the feud that will also be interesting to watch is the Idemitsu bLU cRU Junior Pro coaching class which uses the Yamaha All New R15 bike which was prepared directly by YIMM. The dominance of Arai Agaska a rider from Lombok, NTB became a challenge for the other participants to be defeated. The Idemitsu bLU cRU Junior Pro class itself is intended for young riders aged between 14 to 17 years.

Besides, the community category is also a magnet in itself. They came from YROI who came from various chapters, then R25 Owner Community Kaskus, YARRCI, R15 Club Indonesia, Cornering Indonesia, Ravens15, R15 Bandung MC, BVR and so on.

Of course, various interesting events will be presented in the final series of Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022. There will be exhibition booths for sponsors such as Idemitsu, Yamalube, IRC, Kayaba, NGK and ZuttoRide. They provide various offers.

Do not miss the music entertainment stage adding to the excitement of the event. These activities are concentrated in the parking lot in front or behind the main stands of the Sentul International Circuit.