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Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 Sentul Successfully Held, Here is the Winners



The excitement of holding the first series of Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 at the Sentul International Circuit, Bogor, was so lively.

Finally, the most consistent motorsport special racing event in Indonesia was able to cure the participants' deep longing after a vacuum of about 2 years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Finally, I was able to participate in the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022, this is my first experience,” said Febri Novi from DKI Jakarta, who carried the BVR team and successfully won the best podium in the All New R15 Comm B Beginner class.

Even more special, the first series of Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 was opened directly by Minoru Morimoto as President Director of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

The excitement of the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 Sentul was also felt by club community colleagues from various regions who were given the opportunity to feel the sensation of circling the Sentul International Circuit, Bogor for 2 laps. This includes the opportunity for media colleagues who are invited to go around the Sentul track at once tried the performance of the latest Yamaha YZF-R15 bike.

Of course, the coaching mission is still presented in the Idemitsu Junior Pro class, which is followed by 15 starters. They come from various parts of the country with an age range of 13 to 17 years. Felix PM, who recently won the best in the series 1 of the Uniprix National Championship 2022 in Sentul Kecil, won the pole position or the leading starting grid. Finally, it was Arai Agaska from NTB who successfully won the champion podium.

“In the first lap, I was in the lead right away and in the next laps, I tried to focus on keeping the engine and concentration so as not to fall. Only then on the last lap, I pushed again and tried to slip streaming with Rasya when I came out of the last corner and I managed to finish first,” said Arai Agaska.

It should be understood that the Idemitsu Junior Pro category which usesthe All New R15 race prepared by Yamaha Indonesia is a coaching medium that has been proven to have brought several potential young racers to the international level. Among them Wahyu Nugroho who competed in the R3 bLU cRU European Cup 2022 and Aldi Satya Mahendra who is focused on the AP250 race (ARRC 2022) and recently underwent the VR46 Master Camp program in Italy.

In community classes, it is proven that the YROI (Yamaha R25 Owners Indonesia) colleagues, led by Bang Dhani, were able to achieve 17 podiums in the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 Sentul. Each consists of 5 times the champion podium, then 5 times the runner-up podium, then 3 times the 3rd podium and 4 times the 4th podium. Of course, they are a mix of YROI chapters that are in many areas.

The exciting spectacle will definitely take place in the R25 Pro Rider and R15 Pro Rider classes, which are intended for professional racers from teams that have been concentrating on the national racing arena.

In the R25 Pro Rider class, the names of Aditya Fauzi (Yamaha RRS), also senior racers are Rey Ratukore (Yamaha RRS), Anggi Setiawan (Yamaha Akai Jaya), Galang Hendra (Yamaha HDS Racing), Wahyu Nugroho (Yamaha Bahtera Racing) and others.

Then in the R15 Pro Rider category, Wawan Wello (Yamaha Bahtera Racing), Gupita Kresna and Alfi Husni (Yamaha Ziear ARL), Nicky Hayden (Yamaha Akai Jaya), Wahyu Aji (Yamaha HDS Racing) and others participated.

They compete fiercely for the best. In the end, Aditya Fauzi successfully won the championship podium in the R25 Pro Rider class. Young potential from Tasikmalaya can beat his mentor Rey Ratukore with a time gap of more than 3.2 seconds. The 3rd podium belongs to Anggi Setiawan, supported by MBKW2 Jogjakarta.

"I’m happy because the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 is back after a vacuum due to the Covid-19 pandemic, finally I can experience sports racing which previously only focused on duck racing or MXking150. Thank God, after finishing this opening series, the results were very satisfying to be in P1 but there are still several series that I have to finish. Hopefully in the next round I can maintain my current position. I'm very happy because this is my first time being on the first podium for the 250 sport class. Previously I was on the 1st podium yesterday during YEF with Rey Ratukore. Hopefully in the next round I will consistently be on the podium. Thank you for the hard work of my team and crew who have maximized everything. And, thank you to Yamaha Indonesia who always support me and the team. “Hopefully the next round can be at the Mandalika Circuit,” said Aditya Fauzi.

Meanwhile, in the R15 Pro Rider class, Wawan Wello, who was escorted by mechanic Widya Krida Laksana from the GDT Racing Jogja workshop, looked stunning. He left the opponent on the last lap.

As a result, when exiting the last corner, it was relatively safe from the slip-streaming technique of its rivals. The 2nd and 3rd podiums were won by the Yamaha Ziear ARL team, Gupita Kresna and Alfi Husni.

No less important, the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 Sentul also takes place in the Superstock class up to 1000 cc. The roar of the exhaust from the bikes with a 600 cc or 1000 cc cylinder engine make its own color  in the race. Yamaha Cargloss RSS racer, Eric Saputra, was able to maintain his consistency in winning.

Thank you to various sponsors, namely Idemitsu as title sponsor, then Yamalube, IRC Tire, KYB, NGK and YES24 who participated in the success of the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 Sentul.