MX King Wins National Expert and Novice in the Final of Oneprix Tasikmalaya


Yamaha MX King completely dominated Oneprix National Championship for both of expert class (OP1) and Novice class (OP2) 2022 at Bukit Peusar Circuit, Tasikmalaya, West Java (27 November 2022).

OP1 Class

Aldi Satya Mahendra (Yamaha Aben Racing) and Aldiaz Aqsal Ismaya (PARD Manahadap Casytha) competed the championship title in the 2 races presented. At the first race in wet conditions, Aldi Satya Mahendra was won and joins with AM Fadly and Aldiaz Aqsal Ismaya on the podium.

In the 2nd race, GDT Racing with Aldiaz Aqsal Ismaya finished ahead of Galang Hendra Pratama (Yamaha Aben Racing) and Aldi Satya Mahendra time gap was really small.

The Yamaha MX King bike riders won OnePrix national expert class (OP1) championship 2022 National Championship. Reynaldi Pradana (GMP29 AHRS VND HDS Racing) has gotten top standing position by supported with the mechanic Hawadis.

OP2 Class

In the Novice class (OP2), Candra Hermawan of Yamaha Aditama team successfully won the best podium in the 2nd race after he got second position at 1st race. Finally, he got the top standing for OP2 Class Oneprix Tasikmalaya. National champion in the Novice class was won by Dimas Juliatmoko.

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