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Outstanding, Yamaha and Racers Win Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI) Awards


PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (PT.YIMM) performance, which is active and consistently advancing motorsport field, is appreciated through 2021-2022 Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI) Awards which were held in Jakarta, 18 February 2023. There were 4 awards won, including for racers and Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) team who excelled in international racing competitions.

Yamaha's list of IMI Awards 2022 awards include:

1. PT. YIMM:IMI Achievement Awards 2022 for Sponsor
2. YRI:IMI Achievement Awards 2022 for Motorcycle Racing Team
3. Wahyu Nugroho:FIM International Achievement 2022 (R3 bLU cRU European Cup)
4.  Aldi Satya Mahendra          :FIM International Achievement 2022 (Asia Road Racing Championship)

"We would like to thank IMI for giving 4 awards to Yamaha and racers at 2021-2022 IMI Awards. Racing DNA has always been attached to Yamaha, so we continue committing to developing motorsport by coaching racers and conducting racing activities. We hope IMI Awards will spur us in making achievements and producing racers who make Indonesia proud, For Red and White One Steap Ahead, Yamaha Extremely Max !! Yamaha Full GassPoll!," says Frengky Rusli, Assistant General Manager Service & Motorsport PT. YIMM.

PT. YIMM is awarded IMI Achievement Awards thanks to its generous contribution as a sponsor take part in developing world of motorsport both nationally and internationally. This consistency has also been shown through YRI team progress, which has competed and made achievements in international competitions. For this reason, YRI wins IMI Achievement Awards in Motorcycle Racing Team category.

As for racing duo, Wahyu Nugroho and Aldi Satya Mahendra, they should also be proud to be rewarded with FIM International Achievement IMI Awards for their achievements in international races. Wahyu Nugroho's abilities have proven to be good, showing brilliant performance in 2022 R3 bLU cRU European Cup. The racer from Boyolali, Central Java, won 2nd place in French Magny Cours and 3rd place in Czech Autodrom Most, and won 6th position in 2022 R3 bLU cRU European Cup final standing point. Meanwhile, Aldi Satya Mahendra successfully got three podiums, podium 2 and 3 at Sepang Malaysia and podium 2 at Sugo Japan, which helped lead the racer from Yogyakarta to rank 5th in final standings.

"Alhamdullilah, I am grateful and happy to receive this IMI Awards. Thanks to Yamaha, the team and all those who have supported me in the world of racing. I will always try to use my best abilities and strengthen my experience so that I can perform even better,” says Wahyu Nugroho.

Meanwhile, Aldi Satya Mahendra, who last year also studied at Master Camp VR46 Academy Award, is happy with IMI Awards for himself. “As a young racer, this award from IMI means a lot to me to motivate me keep going forward to achieve achievements. I am increasingly excited to compete with talent and skills, as well as support from Yamaha and all parties who have contributed to my career journey," says Aldi Satya Mahendra.