Reynaldi Pradana Double Podium Champion in 2 Expert Race (OP1), Perfect Points (50 Points) in the 3rd Series of the Oneprix 2022 Sentul National Championship


The appearance of racer Reynaldi Pradana deserves thumbs up. This racer for the GMP29 AHRS VND HDS Racing team appeared special to win the best podium or champion in two Expert class races (OP1) in the 3rd series of the 2022 Oneprix National Championship at Sentul Kecil Circuit, Bogor on 20-21 August 2022.

The rider from Banten who gushed the Yamaha MX King 150 managed to win perfect points (50 Points). The performance of the engine, which is backed up by a senior Hawadis mechanic, is very competitive. Relatively far away from his opponents by 100-150 meters.

During race 1 in the OP1 class, Rere left M Faerozi (ASR VMK Yamaha Racetech Ipone RCB Proliner KYB) in 2nd position with a time gap of 2.7 seconds. Lucky Hendriansya (RMS ASL Racetech) won the 3rd position.

In race 2, Rere led the front row with a time difference of 2.2 seconds with Lucky Hendriansya and his 3rd position was by Hafid Pratama (ASR VMK Yamaha Racetech Ipone RCB Proliner KYB) who is a Rookie racer in the Expert class this year.

Reynaldi Pradana

Lucky Hendriansya

The results from the 3rd round of the Oneprix 2022 Sentul National Championship became the best achievement of Lucky Hendriansya, where the MX King Motor Racing was researched by Leon Chandra (Racetech). and 2nd in the 2 race menu that is presented. Lucky Hendriansyah was successful in maintaining the racing rhythm and discipline in implementing the racing line.

Hafid Pratama

M. Faerozi

M Faerozi also proved his potential as the defending national champion of the 2021 Oneprix National Championship OP1. The results in the 3rd round were the best compared to the initial series in Sentul or the 2nd in Tasikmalaya. The racer who is a member of the Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) team managed to get an additional 33 points from the 2 races that were held.

Referring to this result, Rere has strengthened his position in leading the OP1 standings. Far from leaving his opponents 60 points away from 2nd place Aldiaz Aqsal (PARD Manahadap) who is also racing his MX King motorbike with technical support from the Gendut GDT Racing mechanic.

In general, all OP1 champion podiums were achieved by all Yamaha MX King motorcycle users. Even up to the top 10 in the two races that were held. Including mastering the OP1 standings up to the top 20. It is strongly predicted that the Yamaha rider will defend the National Expert (OP1) title in the 2022 Oneprix National Championship stage.