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Round 1 Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 Sentul Success Remedy the Longing of the Community and Professional Riders



The longing of community friends and professional riders to compete was finally remedied by the holding of the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 at Sentul Circuit, Bogor (18-19 June 2022), after 2 years of being hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In total, 107 starters took part for 12 classes competed and dominated by communities from all over the country. Among those participating in the competition were YROI colleagues from many regions, then YARRCI, ROCK, R15 Club Indonesia, Safety Riding Indonesia (SRI), BVR and others. This includes YROI collaboration from two regions, such as the YROI Banten Timika (Batik) team.

From the professional racing teams took part, such as Yamaha Cargloss RRS, Yamaha Ziear ARL, Yamaha Bahtera Racing, Yamaha HDS Racing and others. The best riders who have so far dominated the national championship took part in the R25 Pro Rider and R15 Pro Rider classes.

In this event, there was also a category for the Idemitsu Junior Pro class attended by 15 riders aged between 13-17 years. Racing schools scattered in several areas are embraced to get involved bring potential young riders. There was even a road race heroine from Boyolali, Central Java, Kayla Natania Ramadhani who is 14 years old. Yamaha Indonesia provides various racing equipment, including the All New YZf-R15 bikes.

They all mixed together to form friendships wrapped in a competition presented by PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) which has been running since 2015. This event is the most consistent motorsport race in Indonesia presented.

“We are participating in the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race for the first time. Previously, we had participated in the Yamaha Endurance at the end of 2021. The sensation is different,” said the YROI Official Al Rasyid Indo Racing team, Kevin Safaruddin Madria and Abiyokke Pratama who competed in the All New R15 Comm B class.

“I took part in the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race for the first time and Thank God, I was able to win the 3rd podium,” said Alfi Husni, a Yamaha Ziear ARL team racer with a mechanic Bima. Aditya The Strokes55 who took the 3rd position in the R15 Junior Pro class.

In addition to presenting a very interesting racing competition, the participants of the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 Sentul were also treated to various interesting events. They were presented with various sponsor booths on the west side of the Sentul track or behind the main stands that offer attractive offers and door prizes, as well as musical performances.

Thank you for the support of the sponsors related to the Idemitsu bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 event, namely Idemitsu as title sponsor, as well as Yamalube, IRC Tire, Kayaba, NGK and YES24.