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Success! The 2nd Series of SHELL bLU cRU Yamaha Enduro Challenge Followed by 61 Starters, Continue to 2023


The second round of the SHELL bLU cRU Yamaha Enduro Challenge 2022 (YEC 2022) endurance racing event had been conducted at Jungle Land, Sentul Bogor on last Sunday (27 November 2022).

Yamaha WR155R riders were competed in 3 classes. The WR155R Advance class was attended by 17 participants, WR155R Comm A was attended by 24 participants and WR155R Comm B was attended by 20 participants. Various WR155R Owners Indonesia (WOI) chapters were joined for the community categories under the auspices of WOI.

The second round was set to change the track line compared to the previous first round. So the participants were able to bulldoze various handicap models such as soil, rocks, mud, extreme uphill and downhill, etc. Participants have felt the sensation of the WR155R motorbike which has stable & controllable suspensions and a powerful engine.

WR155R Advance

There were many participants including national riders in the world of adventure who have experiences many enduro or adventure event champions in many areas. Some of them are Dadan Andriansyah (PTARC ASL), Dendi Komara Saputra (PTARC ASL), Ardan Syauqi (Arihta MX), etc. the participant from Palu, Central Sulawesi, Janoer Adhetrio Saputra (Yamaha Akai Jaya) who is also the Motorprix 2022 rider in the Sulawesi region, he also participated YEC 2022 Sentul at 1 month before.

WR155R Comm A

Each winner of 3 classes felt the desire to continue this event on next year (2023) after the press conference session. They want that this event to be more series, different terrain, spread in various regions, including outside Java Island.

During event, various entertainments, such as “Zumba together in the morning”, music stages, competition games etc. were further enlivened this event including automotive education sessions by supporting sponsors to SMK students. The success of organizing this event was thanks to the support from SHELL, Yamalube, KYB and IRC.