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The 2022 ARRC Ready to Start in Buriram Thailand Four Riders of YRI Team Enthusiastic in Pre-season Practice


The Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) team is ready to do the pre-season official test of The 2022 Asia Road Racing Championship  (2022 ARRC) on 22-23 March 2022 at Chang International Burira Circuit Thailand, which has the trek’s length of 4,554 km with 12 turns.

The formation of Yamaha Racing Indonesia team for the 2022 ARRC racing season is Galang Hendra Pratama and M. Faerozi who competed in the Supersports 600 (SS600) class, then Anggi Setiawan and Aldi Satya Mahendra who competed in the Asia Production 250 (AP250) category. Both were already included in the Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) team squad for SS600 and AP250.

Various preparations have been made, both physically and practice on bikes at the Sentul Circuit. The SS600 riders practice on the Yamaha YZF-R6 bikes, while AP250 riders practice on Yamaha YZF-R25 bikes.

Buriram's pre-season test will be used to adapt to the bike and track. This test is also used to find the best setup according to the evaluation in the field. YRI team’s riders is determined to achieve the best results. Struggle all out to bring the name of Indonesia at the 2022 ARRC international racing arena.

“The Chang International Buriram Circuit is one of my favourite circuits. We will do Pre-season practice for 2 days to get data as information and reference in order to get the best results during race week. I focus on adapting to the bike because there are different setup methods according to the regulations,” said Galang Hendra Pratama

“I had good results while racing in the AP250 class and this time at the Chang International Buriram Circuit, the first time I adapted to the YZF-R6 bike. And I don't hesitate to get input from Galang Hendra Pratama," said M. Faerozi Toreqotullah

“With the preparation of the team and having done some testing at the Sentul Circuit before, I hope to get positive results. My priority is getting the best setup and finding comfort on the bike,” said Anggi Setiawan.

“Finally, I am happy to ride the YF-R25 bikes in the AP250 class and this will be my first experience together with other riders. And I will discuss a lot to set up the YZF-R25 bikes with the team and senior riders at YRI”.

The schedule for the inaugural 2022 ARRC series will be held at the same venue on 25-27 March 2022," said Aldi Satya Mahendra.  We ask for support and prayers from the Indonesian people so that the Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) team can undergo the ARRC 2022 pre-season test optimally and can get achievements in the initial round of ARRC 2022 in Buriram Thailand.

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