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The Most Prestigious Racing Competition at the End of the Year Successfully held, Minoru Morimoto Retires Racing


The Yamaha Endurance Festival at the Sentul International Circuit, 18-19 December 2021, was a success. The 2-hour endurance race in 3 classes using the YZF-R15 and YZF-R25 motorbikes ran fiercely on a dry circuit track without any disturbance from the rain that fell when the race ended. The participants, both professional and community riders, enjoy the sensation of endurance in this competition.

The Yamaha Endurance Festival 2021 provides an invaluable experience. Whether it's related to the Le Mans Style starting style, the team's   strategy in determining the first and second riders or maintaining tire durability and creating a competitive time in every lap.

"The amazing enthusiasm with 107 Starters that enliven the  Yamaha Endurance Festival 2021 at the Sentul International Circuit is a picture of the enthusiasm shown by the riders and the community who are eager for racing after being absent due to pandemic. The number of starters this year is the highest number of starters compared to 2018 and 2019. This event went smoothly and successfully, also thanks to the cooperation of all parties involved in implementing health protocols in this racing competition area,” explained Riyadi Prihantono, Coordinator Manager of After Sales & Motor Sports PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

Sendy Aminallia Putra together with Riyadh Maulana under the YROI team flag won the competition in the 155cc Community Rider class. “This is the first time we have participated in this Yamaha Endurance, in previous years we had never participated. This event provides a very interesting driving experience, as well as a challenge. Alhamdulillah, we were able to reach the Community 155cc champion podium,” said Sendy Aminallia Putra and Riyadh Maulana. The second and third places were occupied by M. Rangga Natadireja/Yusuf Ibrahim (YROI Batik Yuasa) and M.Irgi/Gilang Pratama Aditya (Cornering Indonesia).

In the 250cc Community Rider class, Alvian Hadi Putra/M. Ihsan Haidar from Cornering Indonesia team successfully won the first podium, while the second podium was occupied by Jimmy/M.Rafi Wahyu Wibowo (ROCK), followed by Arry Wijayanto/A.Ghazi Al Ghifari (ROCK).

In the 250cc Pro Rider class, Rey Ratukore successfully won a hat trick or a third victory in the Yamaha Endurance Festival which has been held since 2018. Previously in 2018 and 2019, Rey Ratukore managed to win the championship podium. The Yamaha Yamalube Seruyan Cargloss IRC TDR rider again won the best. This time, he is paired with Aditya Fauzi who is a rookie or newcomer in the Yamaha Endurance Festival competition.

Minoru Morimoto Pensiun Balap Spesial di penghujung tahun, Minoru Morimoto selaku President Director & CEO PT At the end of the year, Minoru Morimoto as President Director & CEO of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), said that the 2021 Yamaha Endurance Festival would be his last race. This was announced in the Press Conference "The Last Race of Minoru Morimoto" which explained his experience in the racing world as well as retiring from racing in 2021. At the 2021 Yamaha Endurance Festival, Minoru Morimoto in a duet with Shu Sato in the 155cc Community Rider class with the race results occupying 4th position.

"I am already 61 years old. It's been hard enough to run the race. However, my passion is racing and I continue to generate ideas for racing activities in Indonesia. My real target is to get on the podium. But considering that I have reached the age of 61 years, this result in my opinion is sufficient and I am very happy. In this race I also aim to run the race without incident. I have been racing for decades and fortunately there has never been an incident. That's why I decided to retire when I was still healthy," said Minoru Morimoto.

The success of the 2021 Yamaha Endurance Festival is supported by various related sponsors such as Idemitsu, Yamalube, KYB, IRC Tire, NGK, and Zuttoride Corporation.


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