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Wahyu Nugroho Finish 4th in 2 Race R3 bLU cRU European Cup 2022 at Donington Park


One of the proud Indonesian rider proved his struggle to finish 4th in the inaugural race of the R3 bLU cRU European Cup 2022 competition at Donington Park Circuit, England on Saturday (July 16, 2022).

Even though he started the race from the 16th starting grid, it did not break Wahyu Nugroho's spirit to keep moving forward.

On the 2nd lap, Wahyu Nugroho who carried the bLU cRU Yamaha Racing Indonesia team was already in the 12th and 9th rows on the 3rd lap.

What's even more interesting is that he who was on lap 8-10 was able to get into 5th place. In dealing with situations in the middle of the track, he was able to calm down and be able to set strategies without being provoked by emotions. The 4th sector of the track which has a length of 4 km was Wahyu Nugroho's mainstay.

Wahyu Nugroho Wins 4th Place

In the end, Wahyu managed to finish 4th with a time gap of 0.655 seconds from the champions podium and a slight difference of 0.097 seconds from the 3rd podium.

Wahyu Nugroho showed his consistency in the 2nd race, where he was also able to finish the race in 4th place. The comparison time was 0.070 seconds slightly different than the 3rd podium. It is evident that even though as a newcomer he can show his talent.

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