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Yamaha Endurance Festival 2021 Successfully Held!!! The Amazing Enthusiasm with 107 Starters


The Yamaha Endurance Festival 2021 event which was held at the Sentul International Circuit - Bogor on 18-19 December 2021 received a positive response from racing fans. It was divided into three classes, namely 250cc Pro Rider, 250cc Community Rider, and  155cc Community Rider plus national media, after being absent from the 2020 season due to Covid-19 pandemic. The participants who attended were 107 starters for the 3 classes that were contested. They really miss racing the only endurance racing competition in Indonesia for 2 hours which has been held since 2018.

Speaking of Endurance Race, it relates to strategies regarding the timing of replacing drivers or how to make tire performance optimal during 2 hour race.

More special at the end of the year Mr. Minoru Morimoto as CEO & President Director of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) paired with Mr. Shu Sato (President Director of Zuttoride Indonesia) under the YAMAHA RACING INDONESIA team in the 155cc Rider class. They occupied 15th position in the qualification results.

"Even I expected to be faster than now, but my body couldn't. But I am grateful that I can still beat half of the existing riders, said Mr. Minoru Morimoto.

The SAFETY RIDING INDONESIA community with the duet of Keane Sevhadyra and Akhiar Putra Pratama got a Pole Position in the 155cc Rider class with a best time of 2 minutes 05.737.

As for the qualification results for the 250cc Pro class (Rider blue and Rider yellow), the YAMAHA YAMALUBE SERUYAN CARGLOSS IRC TDR RRS RACETECH team took the pole position with the duet riders Rey Ratukore and Aditya Fauzi. Their best time was 1 minute 44.269 seconds.

“The strategy for Race is still being rethought. We will look at the regulations more carefully and will definitely go through the race with the best strategy we have," said Rey Ratukore.

“Because it was put together for the Pro and Community classes, sometimes when we meet, it's a little annoying. For example at corner 1 we are fast, suddenly at the next corner we are slow. But we have to be smart in finding the right moment and situation to find the best time," said Aditya Fauzi.

The qualification results for the 250cc Community Class (Rider blue and Rider yellow), the YROI Community took the pole position with the duet riders Muis Lidinillah and Fariz Ibrahim. Their best time was 1 minute 53.299 seconds.

In addition, there is also a Virtual Tour Yamaha Endurance Festival 2021 Sentul. This can be accessed via the homepage Then just click the "Yamaha Endurance Festival" menu and click "Virtual Tour", then you will be invited to take a walk to enjoy the excitement of the 360 ​​Virtual Booth Yamaha Endurance Festival 2021, more interesting there is an interactive booth, promotions, discounts and also get attractive prizes.

 "The amazing enthusiasm with 107 Starters that enliven the  Yamaha Endurance Festival 2021 at the Sentul International Circuit is a picture of the enthusiasm shown by the riders and the community who are eager for racing after being absent due to pandemic. The number of starters this year is the highest number of starters compared to 2018 and 2019. This event went smoothly and successfully, also thanks to the cooperation of all parties involved in implementing health protocols in this racing competition area,” explained Riyadi Prihantono, Coordinator Manager of After Sales & Motor Sports PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

The Yamaha Endurance Festival 2021, which was held at the Sentul International Circuit, was indeed without audiences. The most important thing during a pandemic is to implement very strict health protocols for everyone involved. In this event the parties involved must have been vaccinated, must be tested for antigen before entering the race area, including from the national media. Sentul management also continues to give warnings through loudspeakers to implement strict health protocols using masks, social distancing and washing hands.

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