Yamaha Indonesia Racing Team Ready to Fight in the 2022 National Championship


Several National Championships in Indonesia in the 2022 racing season will soon be held and the Yamaha Indonesia Team is looking forward to these championships. Yamaha Indonesia is proud to announce the composition of the manufacturer racing team who will defend Yamaha and are ready to fight for achievements at various levels of the national racing championship. 

 In this year's National Championship, there are 8 Yamaha teams that will take part in the Oneprix racing championship using Yamaha MX-King 150 motorbikes and 5 Yamaha teams that will take part in the Indonesian Motorsport Series (IMS) racing championship using the All New Yamaha R15 and YZF-R25 motorbikes.  Surely this year's racing championship will be more exciting because there will be many events held, compared to 2021 due to the pandemic conditions. 

At the Oneprix national championship last year, the Yamaha Team successfully won the overall champion of Expert, Novice and Rookie class at the 2021 Oneprix Championship. This victory was obtained after the third series or closing series was held at the Sentul International Karting and Motorcycle Circuit (SIKMC), Bogor (13-14 November 2021).  The overall championship title was achieved through superior riders, namely M. Faerozi Toreqottullah in the Expert class (ASR KKP Racing Team), Aldi Satya Mahendra in the Novice class (Racetech Aben Racing Team) and M. Jordan Badaru in the Rookie class (Yamaha Yamalube Ziear The Strokes55 Racing Team). Entirely, the Overall Champion of Expert, Novice & Rookie class of the 2021 Oneprix National Championship was won by Yamaha.  In this context, the notion of overall champion is based on the combination of the calculation of total points from the first series to the last series.

"This year, Yamaha provides support in the form of a total of 13 racing teams in 2022, with the formation of 8 racing teams (Oneprix) and 5 racing teams (IMS/YSR/YEF) to remain good in fighting for the National Championship podium.  We are also holding a Yamaha Sunday Race (YSR) and Yamaha Endurance Festival (YEF) this year for the racing team and to pamper the Yamaha community. Hopefully Yamaha can excel in reaching the podium at the 2022 National Championship,” said Dhani Hendra Purnama, Manager of Yamaha Motorsport  Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM). 

For International Racing, Yamaha Indonesia once again showed its commitment with the Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) team by introducing the names "Pejuang Semakin Di Depan of the bLU cRU Pro Racer", such as Aldi Satya Mahendra and Anggi Setiawan who will compete in the AP250 class (Asia Production 250). In the SS600 class (Supersports 600cc) this year there will be 2 racers, namely M. Faerozi Toreqottullah also the presence of Galang Hendra Pratama who has a lot of experience on the world stage of World Supersport 300 and World Supersport 600, and this year will compete on the Asia Road Racing Championship.

As an implementation of the bLU cRU program in Indonesia, Yamaha also held the bLU cRU Yamaha Sunday Race and the bLU cRU Yamaha Endurance Festival. In other championships, Wahyu Nugroho will start a new chapter of becoming the first Indonesian racer to compete in the R3 bLU cRU European Cup 2022 as the implementation of the bLU cRU program in Indonesia. The talented young racer Wahyu Nugroho from Boyolali, Central Java is ready to compete in Yamaha's flagship competition on the Europe. Which will be held in 6 series of races in the 2022 season using the YZF-R3 motorbike, which is produced by the Yamaha Indonesian manufacturer.