Yamaha Indonesia Supports the 2023 Mandalika Racing Series National Championship, Galang Hendra Pratama Successfully Wins Podium 2 Times


Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) has taken a strategic step in advancing the national racing competition by involving its coached teams in the 2023 Mandalika Racing Series (MRS 2023) National Motorsport Championship.

The Yamaha BAF Yamalube Akai Jaya MBKW2, Yamaha Yamalube AMS SCJRT TDR Cargloss RRS, Yamaha LFN HP969 RCB NHK Proliner HDS Racing and STN Rajendra Pejantan Tangguh GDT Racing Team took part in this event with a total of 18 riders participating.

Yamaha Racing Indonesia coached riders, such as Galang Hendra Pratama, Rey Ratukore, Felix PM, Wahyu Nugroho, Reynaldi Pradana, etc. fought all-out with the Motorcycle Yamaha YZF-R25 race to achieve the best result.

The first appearance of a potential young rider, Felix PM who carries the Yamaha Yamalube AMS SCJRT TDR Cargloss RRS team, was in the front row during the 2nd race. This condition can build a better mentality to compete. The MRS 2023 event is the first experience for Felix PM, who is still 15 years old.

Appreciation should be given for the struggle of the Semakin Di Depan Fighter, Galang Hendra Pratama together with the Yamaha BAF Yamalube Akai Jaya MBKW2 Team, who won 3rd place in the 1st and 2nd races at the presented MRS 2023. In fact, in the second race on Sunday (March 5, 2023), Galang Hendra Pratama struggled even harder until he went wide. And on the last lap in the race for 3rd position, he was able to maximize the performance of his YZF-R25 in the entry and exit moments of the final corner. Only 0.049 seconds different from the 4th finisher.

Referring to the results of the initial round of the 2023 MRS, Galang Hendra Pratama is in 3rd place in the standings (32 points). Opportunities are still very open for the next series. The 2nd round of MRS 2023 will be held in July.