Yamaha MX King 150 Dominates Beginner Class (OP2), Series 1 ONEPRIX 2022 National Championship


Not only dominant in the expert category (OP1), it was proven that the teams supported by the Yamaha Racing Indonesia manufacturer dominated the podium for the beginner class (OP2) in the inaugural series of the OnePrix 2022 National Championship at the Sentul Kecil Circuit, Bogor (Sunday, 12 June 2022).

Beginner coaching takes place optimally in the national racing arena. Yamaha Akai Jaya racer Nicky Hayden won the leading position in the first race of OP2 which took place in wet race conditions.

The performance of Yamaha MX King 150 from a racer from Yogyakarta supported by mechanic Yogi MBKW2 was so consistent on the racing line in the 12-lap menu presented. Stable when entering and exiting corners until the finish flag was raised. Nicky Hayden has a time gap far enough approximately 3.5 seconds from his closest competitor.

“I am very happy and grateful that after struggling in heavy rain conditions, Goddess of Fortune was still by my side for ONEPRIX 2022 series 1, this is an honor for me and the team. I am very proud to get the first podium in the Novice class race 1, Thank God. With heavy rain conditions, I have to be careful, control my emotions and be patient. For race 2, I fell, I had intended to continue the race but the condition of the bike didn't allow it. Hopefully I can do more for the next ONEPRIX series and can make the team proud by getting the best position again. Thank you very much to the team who have supported, fought and given the best for me, especially during the ONEPRIX series 1. Thank you also to Yamaha Indonesia for supporting us, we wish you more success,” said Nicky Hayden.

Fadil Rigani and Muhammad Gilang Akbar Roland reached 2nd and 3rd podiums, both were Yamaha MX King riders, a duet of the GMP29 AHRS VND HDS Racing team backed up by a senior tuner from DKI Jakarta, Hawadis.

The results in the second race of OP2 which also took place in wet track conditions, the best podium was won by Dimas Juliatmoko carrying the Merak Raja Dancer Racetech Ipone RCB Proliner KYB team.

Fadil Rigani and Adiyatma Dinis Putra (ASR VMK Yamaha Racetech Ipone RCB ProlinerKYB) with Yamaha MX King 150 bikes won the 2nd and 3rd position. Respectively with a distance of approximately 1.4 seconds and 1.7 seconds.

Their racing motorbikes, each of them were directly backed-up by mechanics Hawadis and Leon Chandra Racetech. Referring to these results, Fadil Rigani won the highest points (40), followed by Dimas Juliatmoko (27) and Muhammad Nicky Hayden (25).

An important note from the journey of two OP2 races in the early rounds of the OnePrix 2022 Sentul National Championship, that the top positions to rank 6 in the OP2 class standing points are all Yamaha MX King 150 users. There is no doubt that Yamaha MX King has proven to be tough and dominates the podium.

It should also be noted that in the inaugural series of the ONEPRIX 2022 National Championship in the rookie category (OP3), the Yamaha RRS team racer won the podium. Namely, Felix Putra Mulya who won the 2nd podium in race 1 and the 1st podium in race 2. In races 1 and 2 Felix increased one position, because the winner on the 1st podium had to be disqualified for violating the technical regulations.

“I am very happy, my efforts and practices were not in vain so the results were satisfactory. I am very proud to be able to win 2nd place in race 1 and to be able to win 1st place in race 2 in the rookie class and can give pride to the school. To prepare for the next ONEPRIX series, I will train harder, physically, stay healthy and be consistent in every national race. Hopefully I can get a podium and 1st place for the next series. And I want to be the overall champion in the national arena. For the racing team, hopefully we will always be united and solid. Yamaha semakin di depan,” said Felix Putra Mulya.