Yamaha Riders Dominate the Expert Class (OP1) and Lead the Novice Class Standings (OP2) at 2022 OnePrix Championship Mijen Semarang


The Yamaha riders performed impressively in the 4th series of the OnePrix 2022 National Championship at the Mijen Circuit, Semarang (15-16 October 2022). The Semakin Di Depan Fighters who rode Yamaha MX King bike dominate all the champion podiums in the two most prestigious expert class (OP1) races. It is proven that the MX King’s performance and acceleration are so effective in the All-Out moment of the riders.

Expert Class (OP1)

ASR VMK Yamaha Racetech Ipone RCB Proliner KYB team, Hafid Pratama and M. Faerozi took the 2nd and 3rd podiums in the race 1 which lasted 20 laps. M Faerozi remained dominant in the front row by finishing 2nd and was followed by Reynaldi Pradana (GMP29 AHRS VND HDS Racing) in 3rd position in race 2 which took place in just 14 laps after the red flag was raised due to accident at the first turn involving several riders.

Race 1 and Race 2 for Expert OP1 class Lucky Hendriansya (RMS Racing Team) won the best podium. The performance of the Yamaha MX King looked so superior, which was directly supported by Chief Mechanic Leon Chandra.

Novice Class (OP2)

Dimas Juliatmoko became the best in the race 1. The rider from Merak Raja Dancer Racetech Ipone RCB Proliner team who rode the MX King also backed up by Chief mechanic Leon Chandra took the OP2 winner’s podium.

Bintang Nur Alif (ASR VMK Yamaha Racetech Ipone RCB Proliner KYB) won the 2nd podium in the race 2 of OP2.

Rookie Class (OP3)

Felix Putra Mulya (Yamaha Yamalube TDR Cargloss RRS IRC) took the 2nd podium in the race 1 of OP3.

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