Yamaha Riders Dominate the Expert Class (OP1) and Novice (OP2) in the Round 1 Oneprix 2023 Sentul


Yamaha riders appeared impressive in the first round of the 2023 Oneprix National Championship at the Sentul International Karting Circuit, Bogor (18-19 March 2023). The Semakin Di Depan Fighter with the Yamaha MX King motorbike, dominating all the championship podiums in the two most prestigious expert (OP1) and novice (OP2) class races. It is proven that the performance and acceleration of the MX King are so effective in the all-out moments of the riders.

Expert Class (OP1)

Yamaha Yamalube Ziear ARL RBT34 The Stroke55 Team, Husni Zainul Fuadzy won the 1st podium in race 1 and the 3rd podium in race 2 which lasted 24 laps. The Yamaha Yamalube ASR VMK Racetech Team, Hafid PN and M. Faerozi won 2nd and 3rd podiums in race 1. Followed by 1st and 2nd podiums in race 2.

"Thank God, race 1 and race 2 in this round made quite good progress. For race 2, I am focused in order not to lose points and finally finish in 3rd position," said Husni Zainul Fuadzy.

“Race 1, alhamdulillah, I finished 2nd, I focused on looking for moments of overtaking other racers in front who were fighting each other. In Race 2, I led the race from the first lap to the end by maintaining the rhythm throughout the race and finishing first," said Hafid PN.

“In race 1 I started in 3rd position, I had dropped to 5th position but I remained consistent, focused and tried to push and finally finished 3rd. For race 2 I also started in 3rd position and Alhamdulillah I finished 2nd," said M. Faerozi.

Novice Class (OP2)

Yamaha Yamalube Aditama Team, Chandra Hermawan won the first podium in the first race. Fahmi Basam from the Yamaha LFN HP969 team won the 2nd podium in race 1 and the first podium in race 2. Followed by Akbar Abud, who finished 3rd on the podium in race 1. In race 2, Josua Mbeo from the Yamaha Yamalube Cargloss RRS team finished on the podium to -2 followed by Ahmad Saefullah from ARTM Racing Team won the 3rd podium.

“In race 1 it was very tight. Thank God I won the first podium. Thanks to my parents, Aditama team, crew, mechanics and sponsors who always support me," said Chandra Hermawan.

“Series 1 is my strategy to play focus and push in the final laps, thank God race 1 finished 2nd and race 2 finished 1st. I thank the LFN HP969 racing team and sponsors for giving me the opportunity this year," said Fahmi Basam.

"For race 1 to finish 3rd and race 2 to finish 5th I am grateful for these results, my strategy is to focus on trying to push at the start of the lap and following the rhythm of the race while still following the front row. I will learn more from the senior racers," said Akbar Abud.

"Praise God for race 2 there was a fortune to get 2nd podium, even though in race 1 I had engine trouble. Thank you to the whole team and Yamaha Racing Indonesia. Hopefully this positive trend can continue into the next round," said Josua Mbeo.

Rookie Class (OP3) and Beginner Class (OP4)

In the Rookie class (OP3), Arai Agaska (Yamaha Yamalube Zyrof47 Racing Team) won the 2nd podium in race 1. Another thing that attracts attention and needs to be appreciated in the Beginner class (OP4), Sabian Fathul (Yamaha Yamalube Aditama team) who is only 10 years old won the 2nd podium in race 2.

“In the qualifying session and race 1 I was in 5th position. I started at the first corner in 4th position, I kept pushing and focused on the line. A few laps later I tried to overtake the riders in front of me one by one, so I led the race until the last lap. In the end, I finished 2nd in race 1," said Arai Agaska.