Yamaha Team Successfully Wins All Podium Experts (OP1) ONEPRIX National Championship Sentul


The first series of the ONEPRIX 2022 National Championship will be held at the Sentul Circuit, Bogor (12 June 2022). This is a battle event of the highest class of national duck racing.

Manufacturer teams or privateers with the support of the best national riders compete hard to win the best achievements.

The most prestigious class, Expert (OP1), which competed in 4 stroke 150 cc ducks, became the most interesting category to observe. In a very tight competition, in the end the Yamaha team riders won all the champion podiums from two races presented. MX King's performance has proven to be tough to beat opponents.

Aditya Fauzi (Yamaha RRS) was the racer who won the highest points (45) for two OP1 races presented. Each of them won the champion podium in the initial race (1) which took place in a wet race and runner-up in the second race. During the first race, he immediately soared away from his rivals until the finish flag was raised, while in the second race, Reynaldi Pradana (GMP29 HDS Racing) was competing in the final few laps.

Aditya Fauzi who comes from Tasikmalaya receives a lot of input from his coach, Rey Ratukore, was proven to be consistent in achieving race pace records.

“I am touched and relieved after completing ONEPRIX round 1 because thanks to the hard work of the team and crew, it has yielded good results for me. I followed ONEPRIX in OP1 (expert), this is my 2nd year following ONEPRIX in expert class. In race 1 I won the 1st podium  and in race 2 I won the podium 2. My strategy in race 1 was to stay calm, focus and save line because the asphalt was wet. So, it was very risky to lose points if I make a mistake or crashed. And Thank God, in race 1, I finished in 1st position. In race 2 there was a problem at corner 10 and at the last corner there was an oil spill, so I had trouble saving line at the two corner points. For the next series I will practice 2 times more than this series, because for round 2 the circuit is different. Hopefully in round 2 and the next I can be much better than round 1 and can maintain the points in the ONEPRIX OP1 (expert) standings. Thank you to the team who worked hard in round 1 and thank you Yamaha Indonesia for always supporting me, I hope this year I can be a national champion,” said Aditya Fauzi.

Not only getting the highest score, other Yamaha fighters such as Reynaldi Pradana (GMP29 HDS Racing) supported by senior mechanic Om Hawadis (HDS Racing) won 2nd place (41 points) in temporary point collection. Rere, his nickname, finished 3rd in the first race and won the second race.

The 2nd place in race 1 was won by Rafid Topan (H Putra 969 LFN) he rode the MX King, while the 3rd finisher in race 2 was won by Aldiaz Aqsal (PARD Manahadap) he also rode MX King.

What makes it even more special was that from the results of the first and second races in the expert class (OP1), the Yamaha MX King riders managed to dominate the best positions, even mastering the best rankings up to the top 10.

Besides that, Yamaha racers also won the beginner class (OP2), respectively Nicky Hayden (Yamaha Akai Jaya) who won the first race and Dimas Juliatmoko (Merak Raja Dancer Racetech). In this category, all the champion podiums up to the top 3 were won by the tuning fork racers.