Yamaha Team Wins Class OP2, OP3 and OP4 at Oneprix 2022 Tasikmalaya


Yamaha riders took the podium in the coaching classes. Both for the beginner, rookie or ECU Std aged 12 years and under which took place in the 2nd series of the  Oneprix 2022 National Championship at Bukit Peusar Circuit, Tasikmalaya, West Java last weekend (23-24 July 2022).

Yamaha Team Dominates the Beginner Class (OP2) Oneprix 2022 Tasikmalaya

Candra Hermawan (Yamaha Aditama) was in 2nd place in collecting OP2 points. This is the result of the runner-up podium in the 2nd race and the 6th finish in the inaugural race. Candra got a total of 30 points.

Candra Hermawan, a rider from East Java with his Yamaha MX King backed up by mechanic Widya Krida Laksana, who is familiarly called ‘Gendut’ from the GDT Racing workshop Yogyakarta.

Interestingly, Dimas Juliatmoko, who carried the Merak Raja Dancer Racetech team, won the most points (45) in two beginner class races (OP2). Each of them won the champion podium and 3rd for the two races presented. His MX King, which was backed up by mechanic Leon Chandra Racetech, appeared competitive. 

Felix Wins Runner-up Rookie OP3 in First Race

It should also be noted that in the second series of the Oneprix 2022 National Championship in the rookie category (OP3), the Yamaha RRS team rider won the podium. Namely, Felix Putra Mulya, a rider from Bogor, West Java, won the 2nd podium in the first race.

Rasya Cracks Egg Runner-up Rookie OP3

In addition, Hafiz Syahril Rasyadan (Yamaha Ziear The Strokes55), familiarly called Rasya, was able to reach the podium for the first time. This rider from East Java took 2nd place in the 2nd race of the rookie class (OP3). An achievement that deserves to be appreciated because he is a newcomer.

History of Sabian Fathul (10 Years) Champion ECU Std (OP4)

No less special is the action of Sabian Fathul Ilmi (Yamaha Aditama), the potential of this young 10-year-old was able to reach the best podium in the ECU Std (OP4) class. It took place in the first race and was claimed to be special history, while in the second race he finished 3rd.

During the OP4 first race, from the beginning of the lap, Sabian Fathul Ilmi from Berau, East Kalimantan was able to escape and advance from the 4th starting grid position to the front position until the finish flag was raised.

The performance of the MX King, which was escorted by mechanic ‘Gendut’ from GDT Racing, proved to be competitive when entering and exiting corners or in crossing straight tracks.