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YRI Riders Maximize Setup on the First Day of the 2022 ARRC Buriram Pre-Season Test


Four riders from the Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) team who have pre-season training for the 2022 Asia Road Racing Championship (ARRC 2022) on the first day, Tuesday (22 March), proved to have made significant progress by maximizing the setup on their bikes. Galang Hendra Pratama and M.Faerozi in the Supersports 600 (SS600) class, then Anggi Setiawan and Aldi Satya Mahendra in the Asia Production 250 (AP250) category have successfully set up their bikes.

Galang Hendra Pratama, who made his first appearance at the 2022 ARRC after 2 years of WorldSSP racing, continues to try to find the best set-up, including finding an effective racing line on the Yamaha YZF-R6. Considering that it has been a long time since the 23-year-old rider has not practiced at the Buriram Thailand track. During the first free practice (FP1) he completed 17 laps, he recorded a time of 1 minute 41.462 seconds, in FP2 he recorded a time of 1 minute 40.980 seconds in 7th place, then in FP3 his position increased to 5th place with a time of 1 minute 40,697 seconds. Referring to the data, there is a best time increasing up to 0.762 seconds.

“The first day of the Pre-season test I have completed FP1 to FP3, the results are quite positive step- -by-step I have improved a lot and this is the first time I use Dunlop tires on a YZF R6 bike. I have to adapt faster by sharing with the technicians and tomorrow I will be more enthusiastic for improvement in order to get the best results,” said Galang Hendra Pratama.

The same thing was done by M. Faerozi who was still 19 years old. In FP1, the national champion of the 2021 OnePrix Championships scored 1 minute 43.642 seconds in 10th place, in FP2 became 1 minute 42.829 seconds to stay in 10th place, then in FP3 in the afternoon he recorded a time of 1 minute 41.348 seconds on the last lap (14th). As a result, his time more increased about 2.1 seconds.

“In FP 1, I focused on finding a line and adapting to this YZF R6 bike in terms of braking points, there have been many improvements from engine settings, body and suspension. Thank God, with step-by-step improvements there are significant changes. In FP4 tomorrow I will try to do better and prepare a lot of data to prepare for the QTT and Race this Sunday," said M. Faerozi Toreqotullah.

Positive progress made by the rookie or newcomer of AP250 Aldi Satya Mahendra. This 15-year-old rider from Yogyakarta is able to increase his time by up to 3 seconds. This should be appreciated. The adaptation process on the Yamaha YZF-R25 bike was fast. It was proven during FP1 in the morning, the younger brother of Galang Hendra Pratama recorded a best-time of 1 minute 57.324 seconds in 8th place. Then in FP3 he penetrated to 1 minute 54.228 seconds and in 4th place out of 17 starters who took part.

I'm very happy because I can race on the AP250. I still haven't maximized the setup in FP 1, I was still in recognition in the suspension and engine characters. Step-by-step in FP2 and FP3 there were a pretty good improvement, I hope in the race week I will get significant results,” said Aldi Satya Mahendra.

Meanwhile, Anggi Setiawan is consistently in the front row. Starting from FP1 in 6th place with a best time of 1 minute 56.340 seconds. In FP2 during the day he recorded a time of 1 minute 55.402 seconds in 4th place. In FP3 he recorded a time of 1 minute 54.508 in 6th row.

"During FP 1 to FP3, in FP 1 I tried setup improvements in the suspension and on the bike’s body, in FP2 setup to the engine and repairs from FP 1. In FP3 the timing was better, but because there was a slight problem the time should be smaller than FP2, this happened because there was a loss of moment and there was a problem in the rear suspension setting, God willing, in FP 4 there will be better changes," said Anggi Setiawan. The second day of testing will take place again on Wednesday (23 March 2022). We ask support and prayers of the Indonesian people so that the YRI team’s riders can continue to improve their performance as an important capital towards the inaugural 2022 ARRC series in Buriram Thailand, this weekend (25-27 March 2022).

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