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YRI Team Wins Podium for Champion 155cc Class YEF 2022 Sentul, Yamaha Akai Jaya gets 1st and 3rd Podium Professional 250cc Class


The Yamaha Racing Indonesia (YRI) team won the best podium in the 155cc class of the SHELL bLU cRU Yamaha Endurance Festival 2022 which was held at the Sentul International Circuit on October 23, 2022 which has entered its 4th year of implementation.

YRI riders Sato san and Yamamoto san successfully completed 54 laps in a 2-hour race. The time gap of 9.885 seconds from the second place was won by Joni Triatmo Racing Team with the support of duo riders Joni Triatmo and Abiyokke Pratama. For the 3rd podium won by BVR Racing Team with the duo rider Muhammad Iqbal and Zahran Alfadhlan. A total of 15 teams by 30 riders took part in YEF 2022.

250cc class for professional riders, the 1st and 3rd place winners were won by Yamaha BAF Yamalube Akai Jaya MBKW2 team, which was commanded by Andi Raja Limbunan as the team owner.

Yoga AP and Nicky Hayden became the best in a race that lasted approximately 1 hour 13 minutes. Then his teammates, Galang Hendra Pratama and Anggi Setiawan were in 3rd place.

The 2nd place was won by Eric Saputra and Rusman Fadhil who flown the Cargloss RRS flag. The 250cc class racing session had to be stopped by raising the red flag because it was raining quite heavily.

The step of determining the rank is based on a comprehensive calculation, including if there is a violation of regulations.

250cc Community class, the 1st place was won by the duo Fariz Ibrahim and Yusuf Ibrahim from the YROI Official team. They are always on the podium in the Yamaha Sunday Race 2022 competition, which ended last year. In YEF 2022 Sentul, they were 4 seconds ahead of the duo M Alvian and Jery Hartaji from the RBMC Racing Team.

The success of the implementation of the SHELL bLU cRU Yamaha Endurance Festival 2022 is thanks to the support of the sponsors, namely SHELL, Yamalube, Kayaba, IRC, Pirelli, YES24 and BAF.