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Aldi Satya Mahendra Penetrates into Top 5 Position, YRI Team Ranks 3rd in AP250 ARRC 2022 Final Standings
November 23, 2022
YRI Team Ready to Perform Aggressively and Optimally, Aldi Satya Mahendra Optimistic to Get Great Success at ARRC 2022 Buriram Thailand
November 15, 2022
Aldi Satya Mahendra Wins Twice AP250 Podium at ARRC Sepang and 2nd Standing Points, Galang Hendra Finishes 7th in 2 SS600 Races
October 19, 2022
YRI Team Ready to Perform All Out at ARRC 2022 Sepang Malaysia
October 5, 2022
Aldi Satya Mahendra Successfully Won Podium Runner-up and Recorded Best-Time AP250
August 19, 2022
Aldi Satya Mahendra Had Lead Race 1 AP250, Galang Hendra Finish 7th Class SS600 ARRC SUGO Japan
August 19, 2022
YRI Racer Found the Best Set-up and Managed to Sharpen the Time in the Free Practice Session ARRC SUGO
August 19, 2022
YRI Team Ready to Compete in ARRC 2022 Japan with Thorough Preparation
August 11, 2022
Success of Two Brothers, Rookie Aldi Satya Mahendra Finish 4th (AP250), Galang Hendra 5th Position (SS600) ARRC Sepang
May 31, 2022